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Driver Safety

This course is a Division of Administration (Office of Risk Management) approved training program for State of Louisiana employees, designed to train drivers in collision prevention techniques. The course also promotes an attitude of mutual understanding, courtesy, and cooperation of the road. Areas addressed in this course include cell phone usage and texting while driving, impaired driving, distracted driving, proper following distance and, most importantly, techniques for life-long defensive driving.   NOTE:  The Cornerstone training system will now be able to track all training and issues the reminders when you are due to re-train on Driver Safety.  Previous training was not able to be transfered into this new system.  Please take the time to update your training.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please refer to Section 18 of the EH&S Policy for additional information on driver safety. This course is required for UL Lafayette employees who drive state, rental or personal vehicles on University-approved business.

Participants who take this course (and wish to be placed on the University-approved list of drivers) are required to take this training through Cornerstone (by logging into ULink) if you are a full time Faculty or Staff member.  Directions to access driver safety in Cornerstone are listed below:

  • Log into ULink
  • Go down to Human Resources
    • Click Cornerstone
    • Hover over Learning
    • Click Browse for Training
    • Click State Driver Safety Course
    • Click Request

Once your request has been verified, you will be assigned the course and may proceed to take it.  After completion, your DA2054 form will be sent to the safety office, at which point your ODR (Official Driving Record) will be requested and reviewed.  Upon clean ODR, your form will be approved.  This approved form can be found in your "Universal Profile" under the "snapshot" icon.  The universal profile can be found under the home section of your dashboard in Cornerstone.

If you are a student (Graduate Student, Student Worker or a student given permission to drive for the University)  and need to take driver safety,  you will need to apply for a temporary account application, which will grant you access to Cornerstone to obtain the required training. 

UL Lafayette Temporary Account Application Form

Temporary Access questions should be directed to Marsha Jones in Human Resources at 482-6242 or