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Driver Safety

This two-hour course is a Division of Administration (Office of Risk Management) approved training program for State of Louisiana employees, designed to train drivers in collision prevention techniques. The course also promotes an attitude of mutual understanding, courtesy, and cooperation of the road. Areas addressed in this course include cell phone usage and texting while driving, impaired driving, distracted driving, proper following distance and, most importantly, techniques for life-long defensive driving. 

Please refer to Section 18 of the EH&S Policy for additional information on driver safety. This course is required for UL Lafayette employees who drive state or personal vehicles on University-approved business.

Participants who take this course (and wish to be placed on the University-approved list of drivers) are required to submit:

  • Motor Vehicle Driver Authorization Form (Completed)
  • The Louisiana Road Sign Test (Completed)
  • Online Training Verification of completion (ORM Certificate). Note: This will require Internet Explorer 10 or higher. If you have an older version of Internet Explorer, you will need to click on the "Compatibility View" icon (broken page icon) in the website address bar. Common problems include printing of certificate.  If you still have trouble printing, print the screen of the last slide you complete and submit with the other required documents.

Please note that the EH&S Office is NOT notified upon completion of this program, unless the above listed documents are submitted to our office, located at 227 Parker Hall. 

A copy of all documentation should be kept prior to sending this into EH&S office. Electronic submission is preferred.  Documents can be emailed to  Please note that you are not certified to drive for the University until the EH&S Office has received ALL information listed below and you have received a University Driver Safety Training Certificate.

New employees that need to drive in the course and scope of employment have 90 days from date of hire to completed and submit the required documentation.

Online Driver Safety Course

Louisiana Road Sign Test

Motor Vehicle Driver Authorization Form


Anyone that works for UL Lafayette is allowed to take Driver Safety Training.  To take the instructor led course, please register by calling 482-1840 or email Taz Wininger.  The next classroom (Instructor) Driver Safety Training Course will be held on:


Location:  Parker Hall 215