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Emergency Notification System

The University has taken steps to enhance its ability to notify students, faculty, and staff in the event of a public emergency. We have learned that for our ENS to be effective, multiple overlapping technologies must be used in. We also know that the success of this program requires everyone to do his or her part. Your part is to understand this document, continue to be aware of your surroundings (See Something, Say Something), and contact University Police (911 or 482-6447) in the event of any emergency.

All students can register and update their ENS profile by logging into ULink.

General Information

  • The ENS system is designed to provide immediate notification for emergencies that may threaten harm to people within minutes. Examples of this may include a chemical spill, tornado warnings, violent acts on campus, etc. Even though the University may utilize the ENS for all emergencies, it is not designed for incidents such as hurricanes, in which there are days to prepare.
  • The University has the ability to send text messages with its ENS to any and all of the following technologies:
    • Text messages
    • Cellular telephone calls
    • Campus landline telephone calls
    • University website
    • University social media sites
    • University hotline
  • Initiation of the emergency notification system shall be implemented by University Police or other authorized persons.
  • The University has an agreement with a 3rd party vendor to facilitate the implementation of any and all of these technologies.
  • Students and employees may register up to three phone numbers and two email addresses with the University’s ENS. Students are encouraged to include parents and loved ones in their ENS profile.

What students and employees need to know

  • All students are automatically enrolled in the University’s ENS, but may opt out of this enrollment if they choose. Employees are encouraged, but not required to enroll in the ENS.
  • Registrants for the ENS are encouraged to update their profile regularly, especially when they change phones or phone service.
  • The University’s third-party vendor may not share student and employee information with anyone, and may only use this information for ENS purposes.
  • During an emergency, students and employees can check with the University’s hotline at 482-2222 for updated information.
  • The University runs a full scale test on its ENS at least once every semester.
  • Any problems or concerns experienced with the University ENS should be directed to
  • The University’s ENS is compliant with the Jeanne Clery Act.