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Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

The Emergency Notification System is designed to alert members of the UL Lafayette community to any threats which pose an immediate risk.

Emergency alerts are sent by email, telephone and text message.

You may add up to three off–campus telephone numbers and one non-University e-mail address.

Students are encouraged to add a parent’s phone number to their ENS contact information.


  1. Log in to ULink with your ULID.
  2. If you are a student, click on the Campus Life tab. If you are an employee, click on the Employee tab.
  3. The ENS/Safety portlet (box) is located on the lower left of both tabs.
  4. Select "Enter/update your ENS information."
  5. Click the Edit button to add or change any or all of the following :
    • Your secondary (non-UL Lafayette) e-mail address
    • An off-campus number for receiving text messages
    • An off-campus number for phone calls (up to three telephone numbers may be added)
  6. Click Save to confirm your changes or Reset to start over.
  7. You will see a confirmation message after successfully updating your information.
  8. Be sure to log out of ULink when you are done.