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About Us


UL Lafayette takes pride in leading the Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Program with the effectiveness that it has worked hard to achieve. The UL Lafayette EH&S Office
began in the year 2000 which was originally implemented to satisfy requirements from the Division of Administration, Office of Risk Management.
Since its inception, the office responsibilities have evolved to include running multiple operations above and beyond the implementation of a basic safety program, such as:
  • Coordinating operations for emergency, hurricane, and disaster programs with the University's Office of Public Safety, the City of Lafayette and other municipal organizations,
  • Inspecting and maintaining all university fire alarm systems,
  • Inspecting and maintaining all university sprinkler systems,
  • Inspecting and maintaining all university hood suppression systems,
  • Coordinating and maintaining all fire extinguishers,
  • Investigating all incidents and accidents on University property,
  • Coordinating all insurance claims (property, general liability, boiler and machinery, and motor vehicle),
  • Working with Facility Management to quickly remedy all campus issues that could attribute to accidents through preventative maintenance programs & inspection of buildings/grounds,
  • Training and safety development,
  • Coordinating and maintaining Emergency Notification System (ENS) and Code Blue poles on campus,
  • Aiding in security endeavors to keep our campus community safe,
  • Leading campus hazardous communication compliance,
  • Leading campus hazardous waste disposal compliance, and
  • Aiding in homeland security compliance initiatives with University's Office of Public Safety.