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About Us

As an integral part of the University of Louisiana System, the Office of Environmental, Health and Safety & Risk Management supports the goals of education, discovery, outreach, and public service at the university by identifying, analyzing, controlling, and financing the university’s risk with the goal of efficiently protecting the university’s assets and the safety of its community.

To accomplish this mission, our office maintains professionals who are knowledgeable of the University’s policies, procedures, and operations on both the system and campus level. As part of our function, this officeservices as the liaison between University and  the Division of Administrations-Office of Risk Management in Baton Rouge, Sedgwick (the third-party administrator), and several other third-party insurance carriers.  Our office provides services for automobile claims, property claims, third party claims – such as Boiler and Machinery, contractual review, insurance acquisition and policy review, loss prevention, consultative services, and review of certificates of insurance.

In addition to these services, we also work with the entire campus, satellite research stations and axillary departments to provide education so they can become a part of the risk process. We work to engage each department so they can identify, analyze, and control the risk of loss for their specific areas, which protects our community of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

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