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Safety Meetings & Archive

Low-Risk & High-Risk UL Lafayette employees are defined in section 6 of the EH&S Policy.

High-Risk Safety Meetings

High-Risk employees are those whose job requires them to interact with any of the following:

  • Hazardous materials or chemicals
  • Moving machinery or power tools
  • High voltage equipment
  • Radiation

High-Risk safety meeting topics require a formal gathering which can be "tacked on" to any other departmental meeting. Topics for high risk safety meetings are chosen by the Departmental Safety Coordinator (DSC).

High-Risk safety meetings require using the High-Risk Safety Meeting Form

Low-Risk Safety Meetings

Low-Risk employees are those who do not regularly interact with any of the items listed in the high-risk description above. Examples of these include all administrative, clerical, and most teaching faculty. Low risk safety meetings do not require a formal gathering. Low risk safety meeting topics are chosen by the EH&S Office.

Low-Risk safety meetings require using the Low-Risk Safety Meeting form

Important points to remember:

Below is an archived list of UL Lafayette Low-Risk safety meeting topics: