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Accident on Campus

  1. In all cases that are true emergencies (life or limb threatening), the priority is to get the employee immediate medical care. Call the University Police Department at 337-482-6447, or DIAL 911. UL Lafayette Police officers are trained first responders.
  2. Student Health Services does not treat employees or visitors for accidents, on-the-job injuries, or worker’s compensation cases. 
  3. Contact your Departmental Safety Coordinator or obtain all facts pertaining to the injury using one of the following reports: (editable forms must be opened in Adobe Acrobat)
    DA 3000 (non-employees accident/incident report form)
    DA 2000 (employees, student aids & volunteers accident/incident report form)
    1. For assistance completing the DA2000 form, use the Root Cause Anaylsis Guidance.
  4. Automobile accidents that occur while on approved University related business must be reported immediately. Ensure that the police are contacted and that a police report is issued. The report will include contact information for the opposite vehicle which will be needed later. Accidents should be documented on a DA2041 (vehicle accident report form), which can be found in the glove compartment.  If an employee is injured  in a motor vehicle accident, the DA2000 is NOT to be used.  This can be reported to Human Resources using the 1st Report of Injury form.