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On-the-Job Injury

Below are procedures to follow for workers compensation accidents and injuries.
  1. In all cases that are true emergencies (life or limb threatening), the priority is to get the employee immediate medical care. Call the University Police Department at 482-6447. UL Lafayette Police Officers are certified in initial first aid and CPR. *Student Health Services does not treat for worker’s compensation cases.
  2. Contact your Departmental Safety Coordinator or obtain all facts pertaining to the injury and complete the DA2000 employee incident/accident report.
  3. Forward the DA2000 to Human Resources as soon as possible, even if the accident does not result in medical attention, (except for motor vehicle injuries).
  4. If employee does need to seek medical attention, he/she can choose the facility of his/her choice as long as they take worker's compensation claims.  Health care providers will need information regarding the worker's compensation claim.  This information will be generated from the DA2000 and Human Resources can email this information after the DA2000 has been processed.
  5. Important notes to remember:
  • If employee is seen by an urgent care/emergency room facility and requires further treatment, Wellness Works will be in contact with him/her to set up any follow up appointments.
  • If the employee did not return to work following the accident, he/she is required to submit a “Return to Work Status Report” from the attending physician. 
  • The first seven days of missed work are considered the “waiting week” and are not eligible for indemnity benefits unless the employee has missed 14 or more days as a result of the injury. Otherwise, indemnity benefits will start on the eighth day, including the weekend, at 66.666 percent of wages or salary.
  • When employee is approved to return to work, he/she is again required to submit a “Return to Work Status Report” from the attending physician.
  • Wellness Works will coordinate all follow-up care for the employee and secure status reports from medical providers. Employees are encouraged to cooperate fully with Wellness Works. For more information regarding workers compensation benefits, contact HR at 482-6242.