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UL Lafayette Safety Rules

Note: These rules shall be distributed to every university employee as required by the Office of Risk Management. These rules shall also be available for students.

  • Good safe ethics are required from everyone.
  • Report accidents or any unsafe activity to a departmental safety coordinator or supervisor.
  • Consult the emergency information floor plan map located in every building.
  • Possession or use of any weapons on campus is prohibited by law.
  • UL Lafayette is an alcohol and drug free zone. Possession or use of these substances on campus is prohibited by law.
  • Smoking is prohibited on this campus.
  • Horseplay and fighting are not tolerated on campus.
  • Before beginning a task, notify your supervisor of any impairments that may reduce your ability to perform in a safe manner.
  • Operate equipment only if you are trained and authorized to do so.
  • Be sure to use personal protective equipment to protect yourself from hazards.
  • Keep an orderly work environment. Pay close attention to hazards that can cause slips, trips, or falls.
  • Store flammables, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste in appropriate containers.
  • Use proper lifting techniques. Bend your knees when lifting objects. Do not bend your back when lifting objects.
  • Fasten safety belts before starting any motor vehicle.
  • Additional safety procedures and policies may be applicable for certain departments. Consult your departmental safety coordinator (DSC) for more information on these.

If you do not know who your departmental safety coordinator is, contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 482-1840.

Reference: Environmental Health and Safety Policy, section 8.2