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Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP)

Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP)

Emergency Preparedness is ultimately the responsibility of every faculty, staff, student, and visitor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Every occupant of a building should prepare for emergencies and disasters through the following methods:

• Regularly check your ENS profile by logging onto ULink, and clicking “Emergency Notification System”
• "Like" University of Louisiana at Lafayette Official Facebook page to get the latest post on campus events.
• Take the time to visit the University Police Website and educate yourself on the resources available to you.
• Make plans and preparations before an incident occurs.
• Use the "buddy system" when planning for emergency response actions.
• Maintain accountability of your personal belongings.
• Keep your work area(s) clean and free of debris and other combustible materials.
• Become familiar with your work area(s) and building. Pay attention to the location of evacuation maps, fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations, and other fire and life safety equipment in the building.
• Recognize potential fire hazards and report them immediately.
• Remain aware of your surroundings and immediately call 911 to report suspicious persons or activities.
• Actively participate in safety training, including but not limited to fire extinguisher training, fire evacuation drills, first aid training and active shooter training.
• Annually review the building emergency action plan and make recommendations for improvements to your emergency management team members.
• Create a preparedness kit to keep in or near your workspace. For more information, see Planning Ahead for Disasters|

Training Provided via Cornerstone System or Moodle

The BEAP documents are all located within the Building Emergency Action Plan training courses.  These courses are required for UL Lafayette employees who work on any of the university properties.  Fulltime faculty and staff may complete this training in the Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS).  Parttime employees and student workers may complete this training in Moodle.

The Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) is to be used in conjunction with the University’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, which provides recommendations for response actions to specific emergency events. 

For more information on emergencies, visit:

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