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Suspicious Packages on Campus

Keep an eye out for suspicious packages. Listed below are a few general characteristics you should be looking for:

  • Foreign mail, priority mail, or special delivery mail from unknown origins;
  • Any mail with restrictive endorsements such as confidential, personal, to be opened by addressee only, fragile, rush, or handle with care;
  • Packages with excessive postage – usually postage stamps;
  • Packages with fictitious or no return address;
  • Packages with postmarks from areas different than return address;
  • Poorly typed or handwritten addresses – misspelling of common words;
  • Incorrect titles or titles with no names (ex: Director or Manager);
  • Packages with oily stains, discolorations, excessive binding material, tapes, strings, or twine;
  • Rigid, lopsided, or uneven envelopes. Packages with uneven weight distribution; and
  • Protruding wires, screws, or other metal parts.

If you receive a package that meets one or more of these characteristics, contact University Police (482-6447 or 911) at once. Do not attempt to handle or move suspicious packages. Leave the package where it was initially discovered or deemed suspicious. Treat all incidents as serious until proven otherwise.